I am a Freelance Web Project Manager, Frontend Developer & UX Designer.

More than 20 Developed Project in 8 Market Sectors, for customers satisfaction.

Web Design & Development

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJs, Node.js, MongoDB, PHP&MySql, Material, iOS, Android.

Graphic & Print Design

Ux Design, Ui, Mockups, Logo Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Business Cards & Flyers.

Management & Organization

Project Management, Project Development, Pre Sales, Project Balance, Customer Service & Customer Care

Latest Project

I am a design partner

Mattia Filippo De Luca, twenty-nine years of grim look and three days of beard.

Actually I started out as a Web Designer without blinkers:
I'm curious by nature and that's how I ended up looking around the world of communication.

My qualifications are not given by the sectorial qualifications, but have been certified by the experience that I've gradually developed on the field.

Printing, graphic design, marketing, programming, SEO analysis. I'm a multitasking worker, even with people:
the secret of being the point of reference of a team is listening to every voice and harmonize them together until you find the right intonation.

Three adjectives to describe me.

Realist: having your feet on the ground doesn't mean not being able to dream.

Confident: of myself and of others. Sharing interests and goals can make a difference!

Eccentric: breaking the schemes isn't always wrong, often the best way to reach your goals is to take secondary roads


Plan first is the winning key.


Ideation, esthetics and functionality.


Build, develop, perform .


Analyze to improve the result.


Read and study new technologies.


Interact with more people for a better experience.

What it means?

Creaticity & Communication

Create means breaking the conventionality. Subverting the rules imposed, find alternative and original ways to express something unusual.
Communication is the means which I use to give voice to my creativity.

They trust me, and vice versa


I'd love to hear about your project!